Why the name "the DARK web"? It serves as a dual metaphor. "DARK" represents various marginalized identities—blackness, queerness, otherness—symbolizing how darkness can render them unseen in a world where whiteness prevails. the DARK web serves as a collaborative creative playspace, a gateway exploring the possibilities of a black internet free from corporate interference. It underscores the pressing need for alternative community spaces where black queer joy, grief, and creativity can thrive. In the reclamation of this term, we aim to infuse it with new significance, establishing a platform that shares an ongoing online archive of music, art, and shared knowledge. This initiative fosters community, collaboration, and collective care centered around marginalized people while also honoring their cultural impact and shedding light on their experiences.

*inspirational digital spaces*

The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet
A Website Is a Room
Black Quantum Futurism
Institute of Black Imagination
Syllabus Project
Twelve Earths
Feminist Manifesto
Transform Harm
Gender Fail
Glitch Feminism

School for Poetic Computation
Black Beyond

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