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Crystal has collaborated with a diverse array of clients, including Vashtie, Issa Rae's ‘Raedio’, Sony Music, and numerous others. Their expertise encompasses a wide range of platforms, from video and animation to merchandise, web and package design. They explore different avenues such as crafting merchandise for artists, designing posters for live music showcases, and developing digital media kits tailored for fellow musicians and DJs like herself.

They currently serve as a freelance organizer and creative contributor at Spicy, a zine-making collective and organization dedicated to operating at the intersection of art, justice, and cultural preservation. Throughout their tenure at Spicy, they've crafted and creatively curated numerous zines, workshops, and events spotlighting diasporic minorities.

Crystal is a multifaceted creative, exploring image-making, fiber art, cultural advocacy, and music production. Their artistry unites the experiences of the black queer community through music, dance, and collective involvement. Seamlessly blending these mediums, Crystal's work innovatively emphasizes the power of art, music, and interpersonal connections to form community.

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Relevant Skills
Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dimension, Figma, Ableton Live, OBS

Let’s Make a Zinewith SPICY and Secret Riso Club for Nowadays (2022)

Intro to CDJ’s and Rekordbox
with Community Skillshare for Nowadays (2021)

Decolonizing the Media through Art, Activism, and Publishing with SPICY for The New Museum Youth Summit (2019)

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